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What some of our customers are saying already…

  • What can I say? Fantastic. Wonderful suede. Great toe shape. Love the natural crepe. Padded leather insole a nice touch. They’re great. Nice work Hutton!

    J.P. Gaul - Co-Author 'Ivy Style' & 'Hollywood & The Ivy Look
  • I already know I won’t be wearing my Clarks any more. It’s immediately clear that these are an entirely different animal. They feel solid without compromising the casual, easiness of a desert boot. They’re like deadstock, but better. A triumph!

    Ben - London, England
  • These are magnificent boots, perfect shape, materials and comfort. You can tell they were designed by someone who knows and loves the authentic, classic Desert Boot style. Mine were comfortable right out of the box. It is so refreshing, in these days of faux heritage items, to see a product that is a true labour of love. I look forward to seeing what else the Hutton brand has in store for us!

    Peter - Los Angeles, USA
  • They are beautiful, classy, timeless and feel so sturdy and comfortable to wear. Many thanks for bringing back the real Desert Boot, in high quality, and at a reasonable price!

    Mathieu - Paris, France
  • Love my new Hutton boots. Very high quality and comfy enough to wear pretty much all the time. Great value.

    James, Huntingdon, England
  • Quality and fit are excellent, and I am very happy with the boots. I do hope that further products are in the pipeline (Playboys perhaps?).

    Glen, Northampton, England
  • Just love both the obvious style and quality of these. They’ve immediately become my go-to footwear for just about everything!

    John, Stansted, England

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Desert Boots The Way They Used to Be Made

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